Creating a Learning Taxonomy Particular to Computer Science


  • Hamdan Shahawaiz Assistant Professor of University of Lahore
  • Ahmad Ali Husnain Assistant Professor of University of Lahore


A growing number of classes are incorporating Bloom's taxonomy of the cognitive domain as well as the SOLO taxonomy into their course design and evaluation processes. On the other hand, their applicability in the field of computer science is restricted in some ways. The purpose of this study is to investigate the existing state of knowledge concerning the implementation of educational taxonomies in the field of computer science education. It is advocated that a new taxonomy be developed, and the difficulties that arise in this particular contextual setting are emphasized. In addition to this, it analyzes the potential applications of this taxonomy in applied courses, particularly those that are focused on the industry of programming.

Keywords: Computer science education, taxonomies of learning, curricula, assessment, credit transfer, benchmarking